Are You Making a Difference?

If you are like most leaders, finding time to focus on the development of others is difficult. Daily tasks, urgent fires, and unclear priorities often sidetrack us from doing the work that really matters. This engaging course will help you cut through the excuses and prioritize time so that you can bring out the best in those you serve.
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Why take this course?

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A Course Just for You!

Whether you are an aspiring leader who wants to become an expert at time management or you are a leader entrenched in duties and responsibilities that stop you from spending time on developing others, this course will be helpful to you. 

Course Outline

  • 1

    Why Should I Find Time?

    • Welcome

    • The Problem

    • How Leaders Typically Spend Their Time

    • The Four Myths of People Development

    • Why Find the Time?

  • 2

    Prioritizing People Development

    • The Three Steps to Finding Time

    • FourSquare™ - a tool for prioritization

    • SQ 4: Things to DELETE

    • SQ 3: Things to DELEGATE

    • SQ 2: Things to DO

    • SQ 1: The sweet spot

    • FourSquare™

  • 3

    11 Time-Finding Strategies

    • Introduction to the Strategies

    • Make Time Rare

    • Stop Using To-Do Lists

    • Set Up Systems

    • Check Emails Only 3 Times Per Day

    • Cluster Your Work

    • Create Focus Blocks

    • Make Room For Margin

    • Reciprocate the Responsibility

    • Delete and Delegate

    • Just Do It

    • Schedule Development

    • Time-Finding Strategies Quiz

  • 4

    Create a Game-Plan for Development

    • Vision: What would developing people look like for you?

    • Action: What can you delete or delegate?

    • Action: Which time-finding Strategies will you use?

    • Wrapping It All Up